Who are we?

buy cenforce canada Welcome to our Shared Ireland home. We are an Irish podcast team comprising of a small group of citizens from around the island. We have no party affiliation or backing from anybody.

http://newtonandsons.com/?author=6 Shared Ireland is a podcast that focuses on the ever changing political and social landscape within Ireland as we seek to contribute, in our own positive way to the debate and conversations that are taking place throughout the island.

http://benemersongolfperformance.com/15281691-0-next-by-k-vest720/ The objective of Shared Ireland is to foster a diverse cross community, grass roots platform to enable dialogue, social cohesion, peace and understanding in post-Troubles Ireland. We do this through production of a conversation podcast series that feature political leaders, public figures and private citizens (regardless of political persuasion or religious beliefs) to discuss themes such as outreach, understanding, conflict resolution, current affairs and justice.

We believe that a new, shared 32 county Ireland is the way forward and we strive to include all voices in the discussion on the island  of Ireland and further afield. We aim to help build cross community awareness and foster these relationships into a lasting understanding and peace, for us and more importantly, our future generations!

Furthermore, Shared Ireland also look to explore how we can achieve a sustainable, equitable, and equal society for all.

We also want YOU to join the discussion. We are live on Twitter and Facebook where you can join the debate and contribute your ideas. You can also check out our Instagram where we celebrate the beauty of the island we live in, and discover its fascinating history. Check them out and we hope to hear from you.

Thank you,

The Shared Ireland team.