A smiling Danny Morrison and Glenn outside an event.We are joined this week by former National Director of Publicity for Sinn Fein Danny Morrison, & Glenn Bradley, a former soldier, politician, now businessman & Humans Rights activist. We discuss how we can create a Shared Ireland, saving the Union, message to young people, honesty reconciliation, forgiveness and compassion.

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A peace-line child who served in the British Army. He is now an International businessman working with Trade Unions; NGOs & Corporates advocating Ethical Trade.

GLENN BRADLEY (b.1967, west Belfast) is an international businessman and a member of the Board of Interaction, an organic inter-community project on the West Belfast Peaceline dedicated to peace and reconciliation through processes of engagement (www.peacewall.org)

Glenn is a former soldier in the British Army who saw operational service in various theatres, including the North of Ireland. He is a former officer of the Ulster Unionist Party and participated in the Good Friday negotiations. He is a member of Veterans for Peace UK (www.veteransforpeace.org.uk).

Danny Morrison is a writer who lives in West Belfast. In the 1980s he was the national director of publicity for Sinn Féin, served time as a republican prisoner, and as well as writing/reviewing is a political commentator in newspapers, on television and radio. He is the secretary of the Bobby Sands Trust and for several years until 2014 was the chairperson of Féile an Phobail, the festival founded in West Belfast in 1988.











Doug Beattie on the podium speaking.Doug Beattie is the first Unionist politician to join us and we are delighted to talk with him. We discuss issues arising from partition and inequality, dealing with the past, Irish Language Act, prosecution of soldiers, and how we can create a truly Shared Ireland. You can follow Doug on Twitter here.

Doug is the Ulster Unionist MLA for Upper Bann and the party Justice spokesman. Doug is also on the Assembly committee for Standards and Privileges and presently sits as the Ulster Unionist representative on the Flags, Identity and Culture Commission.

Doug Beattie is a career soldier having spent thirty-four years in the military and is a keen advocate for ensuring the Armed Forces Covenant is applied in Northern Ireland to the same standard it is applied in the rest of the United Kingdom. Doug remains a member of the Army Reserves serving with 2 R IRISH and holding the rank of Captain. Following his return from Afghanistan, Beattie published the first of two books, soapily Crimmitschau An Ordinary Soldier, which became an immediate best seller in the United Kingdom and propelled him into the public eye.

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