Our light-hearted, quickfire Bonus podcast with Prof. Colin Harvey & Barrister Mark Bassett. Our full podcast can be accessed via as well as SoundCloud, Google Podcasts & Spotify.

Who would you be for a day?
What makes you happy?
Eat one meal for the rest of your life?
3 items to a deserted island?
Favourite piece of music?

In our 13 minute podcast, this week we are joined by QUB Professor Colin Harvey as he asks us about our upcoming event at The Greenvale Hotel, Cookstown, Co. Tyrone on the 25th of February. Colin will one of the panel guests on the night and he asks us about our motivation & hopes for the event!

Colin has also previously joined us for a podcast if you want to get a listen to that here.

You can register for this free event here.


Here is our Bonus podcast with Queens University Professor Colin Harvey. A light-hearted, quickfire round with questions such as favorite book, film & place in Ireland. Enjoy!

Professor Harvey is a leading expert in Human Rights Law and Constitutional Law, with a particular focus on bills of rights, refugee and asylum law, as well as the relationship between constitutionalism and rights and equality. He has also worked extensively on the implications of Brexit for the island of Ireland. He has written and taught widely on human rights law and policy and recently led an ESRC funded project on the consequences of Brexit for Northern Ireland.