This week we are joined by Aisling Conway from Healing your life with Aisling. Aisling Conway is from Cookstown Co. Tyrone and We are delighted to welcome Aisling buy Pregabalin 150mg online Odienné YourAisling as part of SharedIreland‘s focus on . A fascinating conversation looking at ways to improve your

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One comment on “A Conversation with Aisling Conway Episode 36

  1. Lisa Mcfarland Mar 7, 2020

    Loved this podcast, I’m a life coach and I would love to be interviewed on your podcast. Life is hard and I would love to share why I think life coaching has a place in Ireland. If we had a problem within our business or with our kids or with really anything we would have no shame in asking for help but when it comes to ‘life’ or our relationships we have so much shame. Why is this? We do exams we go to uni, we train for our career but we do no training for ‘life’ .
    Let’s face it life is hard, relationships are hard and we have no training really we only have bad examples from our parents or life experiences. Therefore we just keep repeating past mistakes because we don’t know any other way. There are skills and techniques that life coaching teaches that everyone should know and I would love to share them with as many people as possible.
    Thank you for this podcast, aisling is a beautiful woman and proud to call her a friend.
    Thank you
    Ps loved your food example.